WordPress updates

Just updated to the latest cvs WordPress and looks like it’s undergoing some major changes at the moment (had to completely wipe the blog directory and re-cvs checkout and then copy the old wp-config.php over).
The new theme thing is fantastic and theres a couple of really good themes. I’ve left it to the new default one coz I really like it now (as opposed to the classic one which i hated). The style-switcher plugin seems to have been superceeded by this theme-switcher plugin.
I also found a couple of plugins to combat against comment spam: Kitten’s Spam Words Plugin, and the Spammer Tar Pit. So I am going to disable the comment moderation and trial these two to see if the situation improves. it may mean I get a few unwanted comments to start with, but once they start getting marked as spam, there should be some improvement… fingers crossed. If anyone tries to put a genuine comment on here and finds they receive some forbidden error, please let me know so I can delete the relevant IP address or whatever is causing the issue.
I also found this WordPress plugin browser page, which provides a central location to get all wordpress plugins so that should be cool. Hope to try out some of the other plugins there soon too.

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